I challenge you to a dance off

Since the beginning of human existence, dancing will have occurred. Not only now is it a pastime, a career, exercise and a social ideology in clubs – but it is also a way to invoke spirit into trance. Now dance is good for all, we know this right? It makes the heart work faster burning … Continue reading

In sorrow or grace?

Today is a day of anger, hurt and emotion. Not for any particular reason, other than my body feels this way. Although this ‘temple’ of mine has suffered at not only my own hands, but hands of others through my short lived thirty years, today is a day of reflection – feeling a day of … Continue reading

Power animal

Journeying to the lower world has never been an issue for me. I gather my thoughts in my power place, red rock everywhere – my past life. My connection here is beyond natural, its beyond love, its home. I feel the dirt in between my toes, the birds of prey hunting overhead. The heat. My … Continue reading

Flower Essences

Hahnemann discovered Homeopathy in 1790, to which flower essences are categorised as. Although all parts of flowers have been used for centuries, it was Dr Edward Bach who released the conceptual ideology of flower essences to the general public; not only were these provided orally, but through topical application also to remedy the soul and … Continue reading

New Moon

Another new moon, another ritualistic night of love, intention and letting go of what no longer serves me; as a nurse this bodes well as I have the ability to reflect and collaborate with my higher self to make me and my soul more enhanced. With this broken neck, I’m finding difficulty in staying still. … Continue reading


Our universe is broken when it hurls us like a shot in the dark, But through the chaos and mayhem – I hear you this ain’t no walk in the park, But in each smile we see and in each tear we cry, We must find our gratitude before our life dies, For the powers … Continue reading

The wounded healer

As stated by Arvick Baghramian in her 2015 book the magic of shamanism, those who have recognised, acknowledged and lived through peril have great ability to become healers themselves due to their adept empathy. This rings true to home; abuse, accidents, betrayal, mental health – all are an non exhaustive list of the tides of … Continue reading

The broken neck

So a mere three weeks ago I went for a beautiful walk with my best friend as a good initiative to our mental health, the air was electric; something was truly in the air, mystical and magickal. Although it took us some time climbing up to Wainstones due to our majestic level of fitness.. or … Continue reading

The wonderful world of Sara

Established in 1990, I was brought into the weird and wonderful world by my beautiful parents, my childhood was winding roads, rollercoaster adventures and filled with love that knows no bounds – fortunate, yet oddly traumatic. I remember looking out of my bedroom on a night as a small child to see the boiler in … Continue reading

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