I challenge you to a dance off

Since the beginning of human existence, dancing will have occurred. Not only now is it a pastime, a career, exercise and a social ideology in clubs – but it is also a way to invoke spirit into trance.

Now dance is good for all, we know this right? It makes the heart work faster burning off calories and fat, it allows the muscles to work and expand. It also scientifically releases a combination of chemicals in the brain, aka – DOSE:

  • Dopamine
  • Oxytocin
  • Serotonin
  • Endorphins

All of which cause a ‘high effect’ on the individual who is dancing, and also its loads of fun! It reduces anxiety, depression and even reduces the risk of dementia and parkinsons! In the recent years there is also now masters degrees and diplomas in dance science; this is the framework and ideology behind particular movements and training to aid ultimate wellbeing and biomechanics! So thats the body and mind sorted! So where does the soul come into this?

So shaman all around the world believe in dancing and using movements to instigate trance like conditions, not only this, but dance is a way of communicating with spirit and power animals! I know when I’ve been dancing and I am tuned into my higher self I am able to channel my power animal; this results in different movements, almost like I’m being taken over – the feelings are exhilarating! The shaman believe that by dancing you are able to invoke and invite spirit to join you, this is usually to the sound of tribal rhythms, rattles, drumming, nature sounds and world music! Michael Harner also stipulates that by not practising dance and exercising your power animal, it can cause them to leave and results in a weaker connection to you.

When dancing to such beats, its hard to imagine that you could go into a trancelike state, yet those who journey often find themselves moving into an altered state of consciousness instead of ordinary reality, here a shaman may discover guidance, wisdom or even empowerment from spirit or creators. Although people may not feel they want to dance, or even they can dance, this is something that has been deeply rooted in our inner psyche from our ancestors, we carry it in our DNA – we just need to implore, explore and create together ❤

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